Franzis FOCUS projects 5 x64-x86 Download Torrent

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Franzis FOCUS projects 5 x64-x86 Download Torrent

Franzis FOCUS projects 5

Franzis FOCUS projects 5

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Improve your macros. The sharpest details with the new features of the latest focus stacking software: FOCUS projects 5 professional. Now, fascinating macros that are only known in trade magazines can be edited and optimized from the comfort of your own home.

Professional depth of field for your macros

Macro enthusiasts swear a centered stack. Check it out for yourself! With a complete overhaul of the 4K Ultra HD user interface and the new FOCUS projects 5 professional focus stacking algorithm, you can get the most out of your images.

Use spotlight stacking software to:

– Natural macros

– Product photography for online stores

– landscape photography

– still-life painting

– Microscope photography

– portrait photography

What exactly is stacking?

You probably know this too: If you bring the camera very close to the subject, the depth of field will not be enough to focus on the whole subject. Anyone who wants to take photos at a scale of 1: 1 or higher will reach the limits of optics faster than they would like. Fade strongly? It doesn’t work either because it reduces the sharpness of the details throughout the image and the short shutter speeds are a thing of the past …

This is finally over. The solution is a series of sharpening again: the so-called focus stack. Capture your macro object with a few simple images and move the focus back. FOCUS project 5 professional merges all recordings from 3 to 1500 depths of field into an image with unprecedented depth of field. Now the subject is constantly crisp from front to back, all effortlessly and in a matter of seconds. No need to press buttons or adjust controls. Get sharp macros fully automatically.

Macros like a pro, it’s easy.

More than ever with professional projects FOCUS 5. Now, with new effects, soft masking of the area, noise correction, color and perspective and two new default categories: contrast and focus. Professional tools for the ambitious macro photographer. On top of that: the completely redesigned user interface ensures even faster and more intuitive operation for experienced and inexperienced macro enthusiasts.

Selective drawing and RAW module

The latest version of FOCUS projects offers you many new and improved software features that are precisely tailored to the needs of modern photography. Now, with more innovations in the area of ​​selective drawing and RAW modules, protection of an area with 43 different variants, thanks to which the optimization of your macros becomes even easier and efficient. What are you waiting for?

Includes Adobe Lightroom Classic

Many roads lead to FOCUS 5 professionals, now also very convenient from Adobe Lightroom Classic. The new fully functional filter accessory for Adobe Lightroom Classic offers maximum convenience for your personal workflow. Simply select the desired stacking sequence in the Lightroom image database, export it to FOCUS 5 Professional projects, edit it, and then re-insert the event image into the database .

EXCLUSIVELY in the professional version!

Learn about the modern stacking approach for a long time andhave you worked professionally with macros? When editing images, proceed with the utmost precision and emphasize more information, but is the timing still important to you?

Then the professional version of the FOCUS 5 projects is perfect for you:

– Load focus from videos.

– Batteries with up to 1,500 levels of sharpness can be used

– 81 professional pre-selections for fast and successful results

– Batch processing to develop dozens of macro photos at once

– Add-on for Adobe Lightroom Classic to facilitate integration into the regular workflow

NEW: Advanced DiamondCut technology

A new approach to developing FOCUS 5 professional projects was developed: the approach is now much more detailed. This means that the results are much more accurate.

NEW: PSF color, PSF gloss / gloss

FOCUS 5 professional projects use two completely new stacking algorithms: PSF Color and PSF Brightness / Brightness (PSF = Point Spread Function), which were specially developed for multiple recordings of the same focus points and allow noise suppression. integrated by a new stack.

Check the importance of your focus area.

Which individual images really help and which ones most often disrupt the total work of art? FOCUS projects 5 professionals automatically and now analyzes individual images from the focus series even faster. Images that are not needed to calculate the overall image are arranged in such a way as to avoid errors.

FOCUS 5 professional projects:

Enhance your macros: the sharpest details with the new features of FOCUS projects 5 professional’s ultra-modern focus stacking software.

– NEW: Complete redesign of the user interface for 4K Ultra HD

– NEW: Focus enhancement module to display focus areas

– NEW: additional HSV / HSL color spaces in the grain module

– NEW: Invite video focus reports

– NEW: 24 new effects in expert mode

– Up to 1500 levels of sharpness

– Stack sharpening algorithms: 12

– Area area codes: 81

– RAW development module

– SCA process to get the best color details

– Hue module

– Repair of scratches and failures of the sensor

– Selective drawing: smart mode for cartoon effects

– Intelligent automatic image optimizer

– batch processing

– 3D functions: rotation in three axes, 3D lighting

– Export as a website, video or 3D VRML object

– For RAW, TIFF, JPEG and almost all image formats

System requirements:

– Windows 10/8/7 (64-bit)

– Processor: Intel i3

– 4 GB of free RAM

– 2 GB hard drive

– Screen resolution 1,600 900 pixels, graphics card: DirectX 9 compatible, 128 MB, 32-bit color depth

Language support:

English, German, French

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